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Organic Search

The greater the number of people reaching you, the greater the probability that a portion of them will engage with your business. Simple right?

Paid Search

We offer our services at economical rates so that small business that most need our help can benefit from the top-quality marketing services

Web Design

If you want a website of your own to display your ideas/business but you have no clue how to make one, Growhouse marketing is your solution.

Social Media

Growhouse marketing offers to open new avenues for your business through multiple portals so that your business an flourish



Boutique Agency


At Growhouse marketing we approach our clients with utmost sincerity and put our complete and combined efforts into each project we take up. In the technology driven world of today, our services can, simply put, make or break a business. We definitely focus on and deliver the former.

Optimized for Search

Best Practice Design.

Growhouse Marketing is a boutique marketing firm that caters to small and medium-sized businesses that can’t afford a full-time in-house marketing personnel. We are a Denver, Colorado based digital marketing firm that specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC) and Web Design.


responsive Web Design

It is highly important for any business to have a website that is attractive, accessible, user-friendly and calls to action. So many times, it is the ill-designed websites that don’t perform well for the simple reason that they do not attract or retain the user and not because the business idea is flawed. The clarity of the message delivered depends on the clarity of mind of the designer, which only comes with experience, practice and expertise, all of which are profoundly present in all our designers.

Who are our clients

We believe in happy clients.  We don’t want thousands of clients, we want the right clients.  The kind of clients that will go to your funeral.

  • I cannot express how grateful I am for Eric at Growhouse Marketing for his efforts and work on creating our website. We had various requests for him and he was nothing but patient, adjusting things to our liking and never once complained. His timeframe for completion was discussed upfront so we knew what to expect and he completed the website within this time. Eric has a wealth of knowledge not just on how to create a website, but how to make it work for you and bring traffic to your site. He even showed us how to track our stats on who is coming to the website. Great personality, affordable and exceeded all my expectations! I highly recommend Eric/Growhouse Marketing to anyone looking for a website to be built!

    Ariel Mora
  • Growhouse Marketing was a great help to our business! They helped design the website and then put in best practice SEO on our site, social media and adwords! They are GREAT! They increased the traffic of a brand new site, from 0 to a few hundred ORGANIC visits in just a few months! For a brand new site and brand domain this was AMAZING! I have been using them for a few months now and they are now working on everything from Google my business to our conversions and making sure that our sales funnel is well optimized! They put in the work to get the results! I would recommend them to everyone who needs digital marketing help!


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