Conversion Rate Optimization

Getting traffic to your site is only half the Battle

Conversion rate optimization? What does it mean?

Basically, CRO refers to optimizing the traffic your website receives, auditing the problem areas and fixing them so that one, more users visit and two, the users who already are there, don’t just leave. This is done by real time data collection and subsequent messaging to increase the scale and effectiveness.

It involves assessing where the traffic is least dense, hypothesizing the reason behind it, evaluating the loading time, content etc and resolving any issues that may potentially be causing the user drop-out to allow for more users to be spending more time and making transactions on the website. Our IT professionals are experts at not only diverting the traffic to your site but also at retaining it.

how can conversion rate optimization help me

Conversion rate optimization is usually done by methodically testing the alternate versions of page or process to analyse which is doing better without having to invest extra capital. By employing this technique, generally businesses generate more leads and earn more profit and return on investments.

Conversion rate itself refers to visitors completing a goal set by the business owner and often for such goals to be achieved on a larger scale the conversion rate needs to be optimized by skilled professionals for the growth and overall health of the business. It is the optimization of saw the product to clicked the ad, and from clicked the ad to bought the product, in simpler words.

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