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Affordable web design and development

Web designing includes a myriad of skills and disciplines that revolve around creating and maintaining the website. Our designers are quick to keep up with the ever-evolving technology and knowledge involved in web designing. A clear and attractive web design can prove to be a pivotal factor for how well a website does

If you want a website of your own to display your ideas/business but you have no clue how to make one, Growhouse marketing is your solution. Our team of web designers are adept at handling new and old websites alike.

Websites shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg

It is highly important for any business to have a website that is attractive, accessible, user-friendly and calls to action. So many times, it is the ill-designed websites that don’t perform well for the simple reason that they do not attract or retain the user and not because the business idea is flawed. The clarity of the message delivered depends on the clarity of mind of the designer, which only comes with experience, practice and expertise, all of which are profoundly present in all our designers. We believe in genuine presentation of ideas that makes it easier for the other party to understand. It is difficult to convey yourself without the use of any of our senses, without having met, talked to or heard the other person. What can help you is a well-designed website that makes the user experience so that they feel like they’ve interacted with you, and for that… well, you can thank us later.

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Content Strategy & Creation

We take the guess work out of the content on your site.  Through target keyword research, we create content for your site to start the ranking process and getting traffic to your site

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

An optimized, well-built site makes an impression on search engines. We’re experts in helping you put your best foot forward to Google. More business is conducted on the web today than anywhere else, which means you must be found there. Think about it this way – you wouldn’t go without a spectacular sign for your store, so why would you go without signage on the internet? Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of making sure that when someone conducts a search on a search engine like Google for a product or service that you offer, you show up in the results. And we are experts at getting you thereby strategically completing your on-page SEO.

Conversion Optimization

Having a website is great, having a website that converts is even better! We take out time to use best practices to attract users once they are on your site, to convert.

Landing Page Design 

If you have, or are planning to use Pay Per Click Advertising then it is important that you have a landing page that converts. We also help build high converting landing pages


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60% off al searches happen on mobile devices.  Your website should be able to be seen across all devices, mobile, tablets and Desktops


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